How Many Chess Grandmasters Are There?

27 November 2021

A grandmaster in chess is a title that every chess player dreams of becoming. It is the highest accolade one can attain that is usually prized after beating all opponents during an event. If you are a chess player and you are wondering if you got the potential to one day becomes a grandmaster.

How many grandmasters are there in the world?

The number of grandmasters in chess keeps on changing every time. Until February 2021, about 1725 recognized grandmasters of chess spread across different countries globally, with a further five applications still awaiting approval from players who have attained the grandmaster’s scores in January 2021.

Chess has over 800 million players, and about 0.3% of all the players are recognized by Federation International Des Echecs (FIDE). Out of these recognized grandmasters, women occupy 37 slots in the list.

Well, you got to remain focused and put in a lot of dedication and discipline to earn this big title. It will take you more than just having the skill for the game.

Currently, there are over 800 million chess players around the globe. This is a clear indication that a lot of hard work must be put into practice to cut out and be counted among the great for a player’s name to be scripted in the book of grandmasters along with the likes of Bobby Fischer.

What does it mean if someone is a grandmaster?

Grandmaster is the highest title that a chess player can accomplish. Once a player conquers this record, they will hold it for life. The crown can only be revoked if it is found out that a player cheated during the process.

How can someone become a grandmaster?

To achieve a grandmasters title, a chess player must achieve norms in various internationally rated tournaments. To accomplish these grandmaster norms, a player needs to meet the following criteria:

  • A player must at least play 9 games during a tournament.
  • The player has to face up with at least two different players from other federations apart from those who come from their union, but an exception can be given.
  • Out of the opponents, one has to face, at least 50% of them need to be titled, players. On top of it, at least 1/3 of the opponents one will face should be grandmasters.
  • The minimum rating point of the opponents a player must face during various competitions is 2380.
  • The performance rating one must achieve to meet the GM norm is at least 2600

Who are the most famous grandmasters?

Many legends, undisputed world champions, world-class performers, and grandmasters have graced our beloved chess game. People have always enjoyed debating who famous chess players are since the emancipation of this game.

Here are the top 3 most outstanding players in the history of chess according to the number of tournaments they won, their dominance over contemporaries, and their longevity in the sport.

(I)Garry Kasparov

The mentioning of chess cannot go on without mentioning Garry Kasparov as the greatest. He was a serial killer at the chessboard due to his aggressive style of play and energy. He dominated the sport for almost 20 years and became undisputed during that time by breaking various records.

Between 1981 and 1990, He participated in 15 consecutive tournaments and won 10 successive super tournaments. During the Olympic game, he grabbed five gold medals. Russia won eight Olympiads in which he represented the country.

Garry became number one in the world for two decades, from 1985 until he retired in 2005.

(II)Anatoly Karpov

Anatoly Karpov can be underrated by many in chess, but his stats against Kasparov are impressive. He won 21 and lost 28, drawing 121 in the process. He was closer to beating the best one could be. During his time, he won a world title without playing the final match. He managed to defeat the best in every tournament that he participated in.

(III)Magnus Carlsen

This young skillful chaser has been dominant in the chess world since 2013. the ranking released in May 2014, Magnus had a high time record of 2882 elo points. His dominancy in classical time control is terrific. He is also number one in speed chess, which is known as blitz and rapid. He won the World Blitz Championship in 2014, holds about 3 FIDE-rated titles, and has been the best over the last eight years.