How Do I Use Apple Watch with SwingVision?

25 September 2022

Getting better on your own in any sport can be a challenge, and tennis is not the exception. Without a coach or friend at your side, it’s hard to know how you are doing on your shots, how’s your consistency and even if the ball is properly landing on the court.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that training on your own and friendly matches don’t help, if anything it means that you need a little extra to make sure you can get useful info out of your plays, and that’s where SwingVision comes in.

What is SwingVision?

SwingVision is an AI app that provides pro-quality tennis shot tracking, video analysis, and line calling from a single Apple smart device. Ever wanted to know how many of your forehead returns were successful? How do you do in 1st serves compared to the later ones? Or just wanted to have a reliable way to challenge a line on matches? All of that is possible with SwingVision.

The best part is that SwingVision is the official tracking app of important organizations like Nike Sports camp, which lets you know just how good it is.

What do you need to use SwingVision?

All you need to have at hand to use SwingVision is an iPhone or iPad on iOS 13 or higher, an Apple Watch to keep track of your tennis metrics, and the app itself for SwingVision, which is free by default and readily available on the App Store. You might also want to get a dedicated stand for your phone or tablet since you’ll need to keep the camera rolling as you play, but in general terms, all you’ll need is your Apple suite of products and some setup time.

Setting up SwingVision on your Apple Watch

First things first you’ll need to get to a tennis court and set up your Apple device so the camera can overlook the entire field. Once that’s done you need to make sure your Apple Watch is on your dominant hand and that the app is ready to be opened on both devices.

Once SwingVision is open on your Apple device you can begin tracking immediately, but the Apple Watch does need a few more steps to get ready. Wait until you see a camera preview on your Watch to let you know both devices are properly synced and then press Start. Now your Apple Watch will be recording your heart rate and motions to offer valuable input on the app regarding your shots, returns, and your consistency across the tennis match.

Of course, SwingVision is more than a passive tool on your wrist, and you can use it to challenge lines as well. All you need to do is to tap and hold on to the screen so you can see the Force Touch menu. Once you are on it tap the Challenge button and chose from any shot to see what SwingVision has to say. If there’s nothing to challenge this will help you properly gauge distances on your own, but if there really is an issue with a line call you’ll SwingVision to back you up.