Gymnasts Who Started Late

17 September 2022

The skills of movement, rolling, jumping, swinging, and even flipping upside down are all taught in the sport of gymnastics. Gymnastics is an exciting sport because of its special benefits to overall health, coordination, agility, strength, balance, and speed, and the athletes who engage in it are called Gymnasts.

A gymnast’s routine in the competition will typically include time spent on uneven and parallel bars, a vault over a specially designed “horse” or table, and various floor routines, including cartwheels, handstands, and landings.

Some parents sparked an early interest in the sport of gymnastics in their children by introducing them to it at an early age. Some coaches give children who appear to have potential in sports praise, encouragement, and guidance. But some gymnasts did not start their journey at a young age but instead began their careers later.

How Old Must a Gymnast Be?

USA Gymnastics claims that the years between two and five are significant for a child’s physical growth. As a child’s body and muscles develop, they will gain confidence if they begin gymnastics at this age. Most parents sign their kids up for gymnastics classes when they are 2 or 3 years old, regardless of whether or not they have prior experience with the sport. Once a young child demonstrates an aptitude for gymnastics, they may move on to more advanced classes.

Late Starters in Gymnastics

Although most of the world’s best gymnasts start training by the time they are 8 or 9, these athletes all started later and still managed to make a name for themselves.

1. Ludivine Fernon

The bouncy occurrence Ludivine earned bronze at the 1995 World Champs on the floor exercise. Ludivine began gymnastics at the tender age of 11 and had prepared for much less than three years when she performed at the 1995 Worlds as an elite gymnast. She was an excellent tumbler who later accomplished the extremely uncommon double layout punch front and was quite expressive later in her career.

She maintained a high performance for a long time, earning gold at the European Championships in 2000 and placing highly at the World Championships in 1999. She prevailed at the European Championships over Produnova, Karpenko, and many more strong opponents. They are largely regarded as some of the greatest floor gymnasts in history.

After recovering from an injury that prevented her from competing in Sydney, she participated in lesser contests and worked for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. She brought the sport’s greatest honor to France. Since France is not among the top four nations, it’s surprising to witness such rapid success.

2. Daiane Dos Santos

Daiane has been in the sport for quite some time, but like Furnon, she began when she was just 11 years old. While she rose quickly to the top of her sport, Daiane took much longer, even though she is from a country not known for its depth. In 2003, Daiane catapulted to international fame after doing a passionate floor routine that won her the gold medal at the world championships in Anaheim.

Although she is best remembered for the Arabian double pike and the Arabian double layout, neither of which had been attempted by any other gymnast, she displayed a remarkable range of tumbling skills far above those of any other athlete.

3. Simon Biles

Biles, who says she was a late bloomer, managed to practice for the junior circuit five days a week while attending public school five days a week up until 2012. Shawn Johnson and Alicia Sacramone inspired her to become a gymnast, and her Olympic chances were boosted when she decided to complete her high school education at home. Simone Biles, sadly, did not compete in the 2012 Olympics. She couldn’t join because she was 15 years old.


Any gymnast with aspirations of competing must put in endless hours perfecting their skill. Any gymnast who began their training at a young age is obligated to devote twenty to thirty hours per week to their training. However, there is no difference between athletes who began the race later. Everyone has routines to follow to improve their chances of winning the gold medal, which is their common goal.