Does MySwimPro have free workouts?

24 September 2022

MySwimPro does offer free workouts. However, the free workouts are given to users that have subscriptions to the app, or those who are currently using the free trial program. You would need to register for the free trial to gain access to the free workouts and features. This means you need to provide your credit card information because once the 7-day free trial is up, you will be charged for the monthly or annual subscription fees.

What is the MySwimPro?

MySwimPro is an app that provides swim training plans. Each plan is customized depending on the information provided by the user. Aside from the training plans, other features include workouts, analytics, and a vast video library.

MySwimPro is designed to be your very own swim coach. By providing details about your skill level, your goals, as well as your purpose for swim training, the app provides customized training plans and workouts that meet your pace and goals. It also monitors your progress so you can gauge whether or not you’re meeting your targets, so you can train harder, or move forward to the next level.

You can use the app on your phone, or a smartwatch or you can also print out the PDF training plans. If you don’t like training with an actual swim coach, or you don’t have time to meet with a coach in person, MySwimPro is a great tool that can help you achieve your swimming goals.

How Does it Work?

It’s so easy to use. Download the app on your phone, and fill out the questionnaire about your swimming habits, future goals, as well as your pool size. Once this is done, the app provides a training plan that you can follow once you start training.

You can also avail of the app’s other features, such as the Enhanced Speed Plan, which helps you swim faster and stronger, as well as other workouts such as Strength Training, Open Water Swimming, Beginner Basics, and Train to Race.

You would also need to choose a plan. There are two options: A monthly subscription at $29.99 per month, and an Annual subscription, which goes for $179.99 per year. If you opted for the 7-day free trial, you will automatically be charged after 7 days, but if you don’t want to continue using the app, you can easily cancel your subscription.

You need to cancel the subscription on or before the 7th-day trial so your credit card won’t get charged.

The Bottom Line

MySwimPro is a great app for anyone who’s currently training for a triathlon, or swim match, or for anyone who wants to work out through swimming. It’s a valuable tool to help you stay the course in your training goals, and experience a customized training program without the help of an actual swim coach, and the best thing about it is that you can train at your own pace, at your own time.

The app offers free workouts, but the downside to it is that you would need to register your credit card, even if you are only availing of the free trial program. Nevertheless, you can just as easily cancel your subscription on or before the 7-day trial is up, so you won’t be charged.

Free workouts are frequently offered to subscribers, aside from the training plans and other features they enjoy.