Does Leonardo DiCaprio Play Basketball?

26 July 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio is a world-famous Hollywood actor who is known for blockbusters such as “Titanic,” “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Inception.” He isn’t just a star who spends a lot of time on his craft. DiCaprio also happens to be an individual who has a true penchant for sports.

It isn’t uncommon to see DiCaprio playing the spectator at basketball games in the company of his closest friends. Since he’s such an enthusiastic basketball aficionado, people often ask whether he can play the sport himself.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio Play Basketball?

“The Basketball Diaries” was the name of one of DiCaprio’s earlier films. It’s a crime drama that came out all the way back in 1995. It’s about an up-and-coming high school basketball sensation who experiences setbacks due to the emergence of significant heroin addiction. Since the film has many scenes that depict DiCaprio’s character at basketball practice, it makes sense that he had to play a bit of the sport.

The Basketball Diaries

People can easily find “proof” of DiCaprio playing basketball on the silver screen thanks to The Basketball Diaries. That’s not the only proof they can find, either. A short video clip exists of the star playing the game back at the end of the nineties. 

There is no disputing that DiCaprio is a bona fide sports admirer. He goes to Los Angeles Lakers games on a routine basis. He doesn’t usually show up to the games in Lakers attire, however. He tends to don college caps. DiCaprio has been photographed in an abundance of them throughout the years. 

Mark Walhberg is another Hollywood actor who is respected all around the globe. He also happens to be a close DiCaprio buddy. Why is that? He also happened to star in the previously mentioned The Basketball Diaries decades ago. Wahlberg indicated that he had a short fight with the Hollywood powerhouse all those years ago. Things have changed dramatically since that time, though. They currently are close confidantes. Wahlberg said that the pair took to each other rapidly. He also said that they bond by playing basketball in their free time. The actors even hosted yearly basketball games that took place at Wahlberg’s residence, interestingly enough.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio Play Other Sports?

It seems to be pretty common knowledge that basketball is a sport that’s a major part of DiCaprio’s day-to-day existence. This makes some people ask about his attitude toward other sports as well. The truth is that this man is pretty well-rounded in the sports realm. He’s actually been seen at tennis games. He went to the U.S. Open a while back.

Hockey isn’t just an icy sport that’s a hit among the residents of Canada. It’s a sport that’s on DiCaprio’s radar, too. People have seen the actor at a Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks playoffs game. He attended the game with one of his closest buddies, an individual called Kevin Connolly.

DiCaprio and other sports

Admirers of DiCaprio’s films know all too well that he has some experience with golf. The previously mentioned The Aviator is a 2004 flick that stars the actor. He took on the role of Howard Hughes. Viewers can enjoy a scene of DiCaprio acting as Howard Hughes alongside the famed Cate Blanchett. Blanchett depicts the legendary actress Katharine Hepburn in the movie. Hepburn shows Hughes up in the golf skills department.

Soccer is a wildly popular sport in all different corners of the planet. The sport isn’t lost on DiCaprio at all, either. His appreciation of soccer started once his beloved godson encouraged him to go all the way to South Africa for purposes of viewing The World Cup back in 2010. The rest is history. Three years later, the actor went to Paris, France for a game that was part of the UEFA Champions League. He went there with Lukas Haas, one of his closest buddies. He also went to the game with his mom and her significant other. 

It’s safe to say that DiCaprio’s lasting penchant for basketball and its charms has given him a healthy appreciation for the world of sports in general. The people in his life seem to adore sports equally.