Do Arm Wrestlers Train Legs?

25 September 2022

The main training for arm wrestlers is focused on the upper body muscle groups, such as the forearms, hands, biceps, chest, back, shoulder, and triceps.

However, this does not mean that they do not enter other parts of the body, such as the middle area and the lower body.
When you look at the bodies of professional arm wrestlers, it is hard to not look at how skinny their legs are most of the time. Arm wrestlers in general do not focus too much on training legs or lower body at all.

Freehand fights? How to be better?

More muscles are involved in arm wrestling than meets the eye. If you keep this in mind in your training, you can make a difference between those who train as beginners and those who work to be the best in arm wrestling.

We cannot underestimate the importance and benefits of training legs and muscles that they contemplate, such as glutes, quadriceps, tibia, and calves, among others.

Mainly because they are a fundamental part of the body and when it comes to fighting, these muscles will also be activated and will have an impact on your resistance and your final strength.

The benefits of a complete workout

At every level, the body demands a complete workout. We could say that training only the muscles that we logically know are involved in arm wrestling is incomplete training.

The body did not become in harmony or completely strong. The muscles of the body show development in the areas worked, but show inconsistency with the areas that are not worked well, this will be noticeable with the naked eye and will affect their performance.

Arm wrestlers should focus on targeting the most important muscles, so use movement-specific techniques to increase your arm strength.

This focus on the muscle groups in the arms does not make it a unique workout for someone who is into arm wrestling.

Coordination and balance

There are skills that cannot be developed by working on a single zone of muscle groups. The main goals among arm wrestling participants are developing and improving strength, as well as endurance.

At the same time that you work on strength and endurance, you also develop better coordination and agility. Both of these are skills they need to win your competitions hands down.

Include legs in your training routine

It is important to prepare for arm wrestling standing or sitting. In both positions, the muscles that help you in your performance are much more than you think.

If you are in a stand-up fight, your legs will give you the strength to maintain proper balance and this will help you maintain greater strength in your arms for much longer. Your opponent remains that your position is firm and secure.

In addition, by applying techniques to beat your opponent, you can execute movements that involve strength in your legs, buttocks, and abdomen. A simple twist will activate your leg muscles.

This also happens when sitting, your buttocks and legs are also activated and generate tension.

For these reasons arm wrestlers train legs, although their main focus is on the upper body, they do not neglect the development of these muscles.

If you are just starting out in this sport, don’t forget to also work on your legs, this will set you apart from beginners.