Do All NFL Teams Have Mascots? (With a List of All From Worst to Best)

11 December 2021

The NFL is not something that it used to be 100 years ago when it was introduced to this world. The National Football League that we know presently is one of the most sophisticated and slick games that has become a money-making machine in the United States and has become quite an eminent sport. Apart from the tenacious marketing endeavors and community outreach, the teams NFL utilize mascots to associate with their fans. This article is going to tell you all about NFL teams` mascots.

Teams that don’t have mascots

All 32 teams have their own NFL teams mascots except 5 of them. The names of the teams that do not have any official mascots are Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants.

The story behind NFL team mascots

NFL team mascots are nothing like your college mascots who have a deep association with the universities that they are representing. They have come into the scene recently, say about 25 years ago. Some of the mascots were embraced by the various teams after the NFL Properties, licensing, and merchandising arm of the NFL developed a number of characters that were a part of the Team National Football Heroes League-wide program of mascots that was started in the mid-1990s.

Use of Mascots

Mascots are utilized by groups to develop community relations and interface with more youthful fans, all endeavoring to maintain a strategic distance from exhausting their fans. NFL Team Mascots are also an income-earning source and can also be booked for various events such as birthday parties and other occasions that are listed on the team’s site. Numerous mascots have created their personas via their social media handles.

More about Mascots

NFL team mascots can be adorable or irritating, exuberant or reserved, jut-jawed or shaggy-maned. A few teams like the Saints consist of more than one mascot representing them. Not all of the mascot launches in the past have been effective. The Vikings had a few fizzles before settling on a comically bulky caricature who is named Viktor which has reverberated with fans.

Why do the teams keep Mascots?

Nearly every NFL team features an assigned mascot. But what is the use of a mascot? A decent Mascot Ensemble costs money takes time to plan and choose, and it moreover requires somebody to wear the mascot suit. Why would anybody take the pains to discover a unique character just so it can represent them? What is it that creates a mascot so appealing? It’s just a few fellows hopping around in a gigantic silly-looking suit, right? But still, all the popular teams have them anyway. Why? Colleges, High schools, and other Schools out there have them. Why? Cereal Companies utilize them, in fact, parts of corporate companies also embrace some sort of mascot. Why? Well, they do some things.

They make things distinguishable

Mascots are frequently utilized when portraying a team within the NFL. It’s a way of making things new and interesting in your mind so you can distinguish between the various teams. The trading world employs the mascots so you know and remember their brand. It sets the team apart from all the other teams. This is a great use of a mascot.


Mascots get individuals pumped up and excited at sporting occasions. From the minute they come onto the ground to the minute they take off all eyes are focused on them. They choreograph a number of dance routines and gymnastic stunts, and in some cases, they’ll take part with Drill-team and Cheerleaders. They can also celebrate after their teams which is something the athletes are restricted from doing. Mascots moreover get the swarm energized before and after a game by signing autographs, posing for pictures, etc.

Act as a good luck charm

Mascots really started as mammoth good-luck charms. Nowadays, lots of individuals still accept that mascots are a great source of good fortune. In the event that they are not, they’re still truly engaging amid the game and half-time.


Well, it sounds better when you know that the team you are supporting is known as the Wolverines rather than the name of your school or college. It is more intimidating that way. Additionally to know that the mascot representing your school’s team is a giant mascot is something you will be proud of and this fact will boost your morale. They also show how popular you are and if the crowd loves your mascot then nothing better than that. It creates an image of your team in front of your audience.

Some famous NFL Team Mascots

Here is a list of some famous Mascots

1. Ragnar of the Minnesota Vikings

Ranger is a human mascot and there are only two of his kind in the sports world thus the interactions he makes with the fans and players go on a personal level. He is a tribute to the mighty, Scandinavian men. He is a true Viking and does not wear sleeves even in the cold.

2. Big Red of the Arizona Cardinals

Big Red is very athletic. His height is 6’4″. He has a wingspan of seven-foot. He is one of the coolest mascots. He would definitely be the first choice in the majority of the fantasy drafts.

3. Jaxson De Ville of the Jacksonville Jaguars

He is a human jaguar and is yellow with greenish-blue patches. He wears shades, a Jaguar shirt, long shorts, and dark and greenish-blue sneakers. On certain events, he also wears a different outfit, such as an expansive military field uniform, and was then brought onto the ground by a military jeep.


So basically NFL team mascots are a way to keep the game a little more interesting. They let you differentiate between various teams. You become really happy when you spot your favorite mascot. But also stated above not every NFL team has a mascot representing them. Mascots act as a brand name for the various teams and add more fun to the games. Isn’t it a delight to see them?