Can You Windsurf Alone?

25 September 2022

No wonder, windsurfing is a dangerous and extreme sport for certain reasons. The main reason is that it is carried out in lakes, seas, etc. and you can’t control it. Other sports provide you with a reduced risk of equipment failure or injury. But these factors are high when windsurfing.

It is wise not to windsurf alone. Even when you find the wind blowing onshore with ease, it isn’t recommended to windsurf by yourself. You can hurt yourself or may have to deal with an equipment failure. On such occasions, you need someone to keep an eye on you for safety.

Why you shouldn’t windsurf alone?

As said, you should never attempt to go windsurfing alone even if you are confident that the wind won’t cause any kind of trouble. Sometimes, the equipment that you need when windsurfing might get damaged. Or, you may hurt yourself pretty badly. This is when you seek help from your buddy.

When you hurt yourself badly or face equipment failure, it makes it hard for you to get back to the shore. Sometimes you may find it impossible as well. Besides, the direction of the wind might not push your further. Still, you may end up in unsafe places.

In short, you may land in an area far away from where you had begun. In these situations, you need someone who can monitor your activities and can provide you with the necessary help when you need it most. However, if there is someone who can watch you over land and is ready to help, it’s fine.

But it is not going to happen because they might believe that you came with your buddy. And, they would mind their business. The only way to avoid this risk is to go out with at least one person who will join you. Also, you can find someone on the beach with a motorboat or Jet Ski and ask them to watch you.

How to deal with faulty equipment when windsurfing alone?

This is a kind of risk that might be already present even if you haven’t got into the waters. Commonly, most beginners and even experts don’t bother to look into their equipment and check whether or not there is a mistake.

In addition, if you haven’t rigged the equipment by yourself, develop the habit of checking the equipment before windsurfing. However, if you rig the equipment, you may likely notice defects if any. And, this might include checking –

  • The boom
  • The harness lines
  • The downhaul and uphaul ropes
  • The board for fissures, holes, and cracks
  • The fin for tight-fitting
  • The power joint
  • The sail for holes and cracks

You should understand the importance of developing the habit of checking the equipment before you go on the water. If any of these components breaks down or malfunctions, it can land you in a deep mess. In addition, if you don’t have someone nearby, things can get pretty ugly.

In short, when any of the components don’t function effectively, you would face trouble faster than when you are on land. Therefore, check your equipment every time you get prepared for a session. If you find any visible signs of damage, replace the part as early as you can. Besides, if you notice the beginning of wear or tear on any component, replace it with a new one.

What happens if you crash into other people?

There is no denying that crashing into other people when windsurfing can cause serious injuries. Besides, not addressing the issue at the right moment can escalate the severity of the injury to a great extent. Hence you should avoid the situation at all costs.

However, the risk doesn’t rise from not knowing how to play the sort the right way. Chances are that you may even crash on people who aren’t windsurfing. On most occasions, these people could be swimmers or snorkelers. Moreover, windsurfers crashing into surface divers or snorkelers have led to deadly accidents.

So, it is better to stay careful. Don’t believe that you would see someone on the water. A small snorkel immerging out of the water surface isn’t visible at all. Check the area if there are swimmers, divers, snorkelers, or even bathers before windsurfing. Also, having a buddy around might help you avoid such unwanted events.