Can Pitchers Wear Arm Sleeves? A Quick Answer

5 January 2022

Arm sleeves have become immensely popular over the past few years and are considered an important component for many players. It is something that they won’t play the game without it. While you can find catchers and pitchers wearing arm sleeves, you can find other players wearing them as well.

A baseball pitcher can wear arm sleeves but it has to be covered by an undershirt. Moreover, the pitcher’s undershirt should have a solid color and the sleeves can’t be gray or white. However, a softball pitcher can wear arm sleeves but doesn’t need to cover them.

Benefits of wearing an arm sleeve

Most baseball players want to perform well and look good at the same time. Because many baseball players notice other players wearing pitchers’ arm sleeves, they tend to wear sports compression garments as well. While arm sleeves are stylish, many people don’t know their actual benefits. Here is how an arm sleeve can help you on the field.

  • Muscle recovery – The best part about wearing arm sleeves is that it helps you to recover sore muscles fast. Apart from wearing pitchers arm sleeves while playing, you can wear them while practicing and even after completing the game. That way, you can keep your arms in good shape.
  • Preventing an injury – Arm sleeves help to prevent different kinds of scratches and cuts that you get while playing the game. Also, it helps to minimize skin damage because of the harmful UV rays. When you are exposed to the sun’s rays for a prolonged time, it can lead to skin burn and skin cancer. As such, it can spread to other organs inside the body.
  • Body temperature – There is no denying that pitchers arm sleeves provide an extra layer to your arm that helps in maintaining moderate temperature. Moreover, on cold days, these sleeves relax your muscles and arms. That way, it prevents the muscles from becoming stiff and cold. When muscles become stiff, your performance degrades, and chances of injuries such as stresses, strains, and pulls tend to increase.
  • Blood circulation – Pitchers arm sleeves provide compression that helps to increase blood circulation in the body. As a result, it provides relief to the troublesome tendons and joints. Because many baseball players experience soreness while throwing, a compression arm sleeve is a perfect addition to their gear. When there is a continuous flow of blood, it helps you to recover quickly from a tiring session of a game. Also, it helps a lot when you are practicing.

What are the rules governing the wearing of arm sleeves?

While it is important to know the benefits of wearing arm sleeves, it is equally crucial to know the rules surrounding wearing them. Hence, from the pros to high school or college, to pony leagues, certain rules dictate regulations when it comes to wearing an arm sleeve. Here are the rules that you should follow.

1. Colors that distract the batter are prohibited – Any color that doesn’t go with the team’s uniform is prohibited from wearing. That’s because it is considered a kind of distraction for the opposite player.

2. The color shouldn’t interfere with the ball – As said, the pitcher isn’t allowed to wear gray or white. These colors cause a problem for the batter because they can’t see the ball clearly from the pitchers` arm sleeves.

3. Limitation of visibility of the arm sleeve – Apart from the guidelines set for color, the visibility of the top portion of the arm sleeve is equally governed by a special rule. If the topmost part of the arm sleeve is visible, you aren’t allowed to play the game. What happens is that the arm sleeve is now treated as an arm bandage. And, it is not permitted to be worn while playing the game.

4. Arm sleeves that cannot be seen aren’t allowed – This is one condition that seems to satisfy the baseball players who like to wear arm sleeves. You can wear arm sleeves underneath an undershirt that has a long sleeve. However, make sure that it is not visible and feel comfortable wearing that.


There is no question that pitchers’ arm sleeves help you recover fast and play better. Not only it looks cool, but it is an effective piece of gear that makes sure you play the whole season injury-free.