All About UFC Cages You Wanted To Know

25 September 2022

We have found many questions people keep asking about UFC octagons and we decided to try and answer all of them:

Are UFC cages different sizes?

There are two main sizes of UFC cages. The standard octagon is 30 ft. in diameter with a six-foot tall fence. The fighting area is around 750 square feet. For smaller events, an octagon of 25 ft. in diameter is sometimes used.

Actually, sometimes the smaller cage is preferred because it allows for more exciting action, as there is less room to maneuver. The UFC cage located in Las Vegas is smaller in size. Some fighters prefer one or the other size. Fans usually prefer seeing bouts take place in the smaller octagons, as the smaller size enhances the action.

However, the larger size does have its advantages. Some fighters base their game plans on movement and space. The smaller octagon takes away some of the creative strategies. Some say that the smaller space takes away from the craft of the sport, making it more of a street brawl than a skilled technical fight.

Why is there a cage in UFC?

The cage was meant to provide more safety for the fighters. The cage keeps fighters from falling out during the fight, unlike boxing matches in which the boxers can fall out over or between the ropes. It also prevents any fighter from just throwing an opponent out of the ring. The cage is usually made of metal chain-link walls which are coated with black vinyl.

Why can’t you grab the cage in UFC?

The MMA does not allow fighters to grab the cage because they feel it gives the fighter an unfair advantage. It would help the fighter to escape from the bottom position and give him leverage in defending takedowns. Grabbing the cage could also cause injury to the fighter, especially to his fingers or arms. The cage itself could be also damaged if this were allowed.

However, the cage itself provides fighters with an extra weapon, as they are allowed to use the cage walls to push off as long as they don’t grab them. It actually gives the fighters another surface for their battle.

How much does a UFC octagon cost?

An official type octagon with a mat can cost $20,000 to $30,000. Some will include a wooden floor at an extra cost. Non-official copies can be had from various sources for as little as $4,000. These can be used for backyard or neighborhood contests.

Is the octagon bigger than a boxing ring?

The UFC octagon is quite a bit larger than the official boxing ring. The 30-foot UFC octagon features 750 square feet. The standard ring used in boxing is between 16 and 20 feet to a side, meaning that the square footage is 256 to 400 square feet.

There are other differences as well. The corners of a boxing ring are often used to trap an opponent, which can’t be done in the octagon. Boxing rings are usually raised three to four feet above the floor. The outer area, about 16 to 20 feet wide all around, is covered with canvas and padding to prevent injury should a boxer fall out of the ring. Both referees and fighters make an effort to keep boxers from falling from the ring, which can limit the action to a certain extent.

This is not necessary with the octagon and its cage. Without the danger of falling out of the ring, the fighters can concentrate solely on their strategy and fighting actions.

Who makes the UFC octagon?

A firm called Zuffa has reserved the exclusive rights to the name “The Octagon”. Also, the UFC brand has a trademark on some products. Other vendors include STEDYX, Revgear, and Monster. Throwdown makes the cages for the UFC gym.

Can a fighter jump off the cage in UFC?

Fighters aren’t allowed to grab the cage or hook their fingers or toes into the mesh. However, they can push off the cage with an open hand or foot, using it for leverage. Fighters are not allowed to grab the top of the cage padding, which would be necessary to climb up on top, so they can’t get up there to jump off.

If they tried, they would be disqualified. In addition, a fighter would put himself in a fairly vulnerable position, as he would have to turn his back on his opponent to climb up to the top.

Is the UFC cage metal?

The cage is made from chain-link fence material coated with black vinyl. On top is protective padding. This all ensures that there are no sharp edges that might injure a fighter.

Now that you are acquainted with some facts about the UFC octagon, hopefully, you’ll have more of an appreciation of the sport and what goes into making it what it is.