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Welcome to the Sports Partnership Herefordshire & Worcestershire's   Volunteer Programme!


Here are the 4 simple steps to becoming a local volunteer:


Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up to our Volunteer Database this is your essential hub as a volunteer. It’s where you’ll find help to get started volunteering from local and national sporting organisations, record your hours and find details of your local Sports Partnership contact. Use your account to help you through your journey.


Step 2: Come to a Volunteer Workshop

Visit the Volunteer Database hub to view where you nearest workshop is taking place. At present this is in the planning stages , if you are interested in finding out how to volunteer, please contact Sue Bentley at s.bentley@worc.ac.uk or call 01905 542035


Step 3: You Make Sport Happen

Once you are confident to be involved in volunteering you will have all the tools you need to make sport happen. Log in to your Volunteering account to find opportunities from local and national organisations.


Step 4: Record Your Hours

To become an active Volunteer, record your hours of Volunteering online. Doing so will mean that other Volunteers can find and take part in your sessions and you might find other sporting opportunities. Watch this video to find out how.


Addtional information or support on how to become a Volunteer or wishing to find opportunites please contact  Sue Bentley at s.bentley@worc.ac.uk or call    01905 542035


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